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Combining the talents of a Model who is also an industry professional with those of a Programmer who actually knows the industry and a Sales rep who helps create the product he represents, Single Girl Cash brings a unique combination of experienced and talented individuals with years of experience together to create an affiliate program around great sites with a well-defined theme and style.

Our single girl sites are actually run by the girls themselves. The girls actively participate in their sites, they aren't just girls showing up to a studio for their paycheck or worse yet, girls we don't even know whose content we've purchased off of someone else. We create all the content ourselves to ensure maximum quality and we never miss an update. This keeps our members happy and they retain, which means you make more money.

And what really makes us different from the rest is the fact that all of the videos in our members areas are protected with Digital Rights Management technology. Whenever a members area video is viewed, it needs to be licensed by our servers, and our servers always check to make sure that member is still active and recurring. As a result of this, our 3-day trials jump from the industry standard conversion ratio of 30% to 50%! And that means you make more money!

We respond to our affiliates' needs and always keep fresh advertising material stocked. Our flagship site has been running for years and has a huge content base built up.

What's more, our affiliate program is owner created. Yes, literally coded by one of the owners which means if you've got a problem you will always be able to go right to the top and get it solved ASAP! No waiting for trouble tickets to be addressed at a third-party software company.

We pay you twice a month and guess what -- our program name is pre-printed on your check stub so you'll never go mad trying to figure out who's damn check you just got in the mail, LOL. See, we've thought of everything because we're webmasters just like you. So come on and sign up and start making some money!